Monday, December 15, 2014

Science Science Science!!!

Four Winds
What a wonderful week filled with science we had! Of course we continued with our variations and adaptations unit.  We also extended that unit by looking at inquiry skills.  Students participated in the Hour of Code, learning Computer Science.  Another thing we had this week was Four Winds where our parent volunteers Becky Tharp and Shani Varichionne taught us a lot about conifers.

Our study of variations and adaptations will be coming to a close next week.  Students read the final nonfiction text for the unit, Evidence From The Past, in partnerships this week.  Strategy work continued to emphasize making inferences and using text features to support comprehension.  Students engaged in Computer Science Learning Week by participating in the Hour of Code on Thursday.  Students started by writing simple lines of code to make a character follow a path to more complex tasks where students initiated rules and parameters in a “flappy bird” game. 

Third graders continued their work with addition strategies for working with larger numbers.  After reviewing addition strategies and completing story problems with 3-digit numbers, students participated in a math forum, sharing strategies and discussing their efficiency.  Fourth grade mathematicians are continuing their work with fractions.  Students are exploring equivalent fractions using manipulatives such as the egg carton as a model.  

Although a short week, our realistic fiction stories are nearly published.  All students have shared their work with at least one partner, and have engaged in dialogue (both through a collaborative document and face-to-face discussion).  We also spent time working on more scientific comparison writing, this comparing an eozostrodon  (extinct mammal) to a kangaroo.

Demonstrating Frequency
Hour of Code
Students had a fascinating demonstration by the engineers from “Create it Lab” who are working with Equinox students on an integrated “African Kalimba” project.  Students had their first lesson on sound waves with many engaging demonstrations using speakers and everyday objects to model sound waves.  Students have been working in art class to begin the base of their Kalimbas (finger piano), have drilled holes, and are now learning the engineering behind how they work.  Later, students will work in music class to learn how to play them!

We began working on inquiry skills by asking the experimental question, "Which material (insulator) will allow us to keep our hand in cold water the longest?"  Which variable will we change?  What variable will we measure? It was a lot of fun and interesting to find out how animal adaptations allow them to withstand cold temperatures.
Experimenting with Insulators

Parents of chorus students - be on the lookout for a parent letter/release in Monday folders regarding an upcoming video filming.  Thanks for reminding your child to dress appropriately for 
the weather!   


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Frozen with Excitement!

This week was a busy one! (We always say that, don't we?)
To begin, everyone in Equinox has done such a beautiful job of listening to directions the first time, that we WON a contest that allowed for PaJaMaS in SchOOl All dAy!!!  We also had the very first visit from our school mascot the wildcat named Einstein.  It was exciting having the first visit EVER happen in Equinox.

Jammie Day in Equinox

We continued our science reading with nonfiction texts and strategies including making inferences and supporting claims with evidence, and identifying and using key vocabulary terms, including adaptations, variations, extinct, fossil and paleontologist.  Students practiced their comparison writing strategies and published a scientific piece comparing two animals we researched and their adaptations to avoid being eaten.   In addition, students engaged in a related science inquiry task where they visited each of four stations containing fossil replicas and made observations and inferences about each.  

Einstein our Williston mascot
In math, third graders launched Unit 3:  Multidigit Addition and Subtraction this week.  Our mathematicians completed a pre assessment, spent some time reflecting on the assessment and setting relevant goals for the unit, and reviewed and practiced rounding to the nearest ten and hundred through a variety of activities.  The December calendar focuses on fractions and this month’s number corner work involves creating a classroom collection of objects to accumulate a total mass of 1,000 g.  Fourth grade mathematicians are learning about fractions.  Students are learning about the area model of fractions and exploring lines of symmetry.  Students in Ms. Weegar’s math class had some special 6th grade math students read to them about math.  
Voyager student reading a math story she wrote!
Finally, the December grade 4 calendar is different shapes all with an area of 5 square units and a perimeter of 12.

In writing, authors are working hard to get their realistic fiction drafts typed in Google Drive.  We reviewed the “checklist” that outlines the narrative standards for writing for both third and fourth graders.  Students will use this tool to self-monitor and self-assess as they work to bring their story to a close.  Finally, next week, students will use the collaborative nature of Google Docs to share their writing with a partner, and support each other in revising and editing using the comment feature.

It’s that time of year...please make sure your child comes prepared for outdoor recess each day.  As the temperature drops, it is imperative that all children have appropriate clothing and gear (coat, hat, gloves, snowpants, boots) for outdoor play. 

We are planning on having a Crafter-morning on December 19th.  We would love to have volunteers run a craft, supply wrapping paper, or help at a craft or wrapping station.  Please stay tuned to your email for a sign-up and information letter.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Jeff Kinney Visits!

In Reading Workshop, strong connections between reading and writing were emphasized with the special visit of Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, on Wednesday.  WCS was very fortunate to welcome this accomplished author to speak to students in grades 3-6 and learn a bit about his journey to success in writing.  Ask your child what his/her favorite part of the presentation was.  Students continue to read independent reading books and some are working on group reading selections.  Students using Lexia are working to accomplish at least 80 minutes of engagement with the program each week - and several students have been inducted into the “100 minute club!”  

In math, Third graders spent this week wrapping up their November number corner work, as well as, finishing unit 2.  Students took an assessment to demonstrate their learning in this beginning multiplication unit.  Work with unit fractions, equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers was introduced through this month’s number corner, and students are becoming more comfortable solving multi-step story problems and using equations with variables to model their thinking. In fourth grade math, students have been discovering the connections between multiplication and division.  Students have worked hard to understand what it means when a quotient has a remainder.  We have read about this, built models of division problems and made conjectures about what exactly a remainder is.  Our current definition of a remainder is:  When the divisor is not a factor of the total, you will have a remainder.  Julia H. made this conjecture and it has been widely proven and accepted.  You can see there is great mathematical thinking going on!  We have also been studying the analogue clock and elapsed time.  On Friday, we had the Unit 2 Assessment.

This week, we moved into the “adaptations” part of our science unit.  Students read a nonfiction text, Mystery Mouths, which highlighted various adaptations that help animals survive.  Students played a “guessing game” with the text, and did an activity to practice making inferences with photographs of “mystery feet.”

 This week in writing, authors focused on identifying sequence for their realistic fiction pieces, and practiced writing effective leads.  Next week, we will focus on strong endings for stories.

Beginner Band Lessons begin next week.  If your fourth grader is participating, please remind him or her to check the schedule regularly and that it is their responsibility to attend their lesson at the correct time and make up any missed work.  Thanks for your support from home.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Productive Week

This week, some students started reading groups.  Students in Weegar/Schoolcraft cores will be in mixed groups for reading.  Some students will read primarily with Ms. Schoolcraft, while others will read primarily with Ms. Weegar.  Reading strategies continue to focus on vocabulary, comparing and contrasting, and nonfiction text features.  Students in groups are exploring a variety of authentic shorter texts - both fiction and nonfiction.

Students in third grade math are wrapping up their first study of multiplication.  Students have had much time to practice learned strategies during workplaces and by engaging in a variety of “problem strings” involving multiplication strategies.  This week fourth graders have continued to multiply two digit by two digit numbers.  Students are learning to use doubling and halving strategies in large arrays.  Students are also using what they know about single digit numbers and multiples of ten to calculate large products.  

In Science, students examined relatedness of identical twins, the differences between inherited and acquired characteristics, and learned that a scientific explanation actually is a claim that is supported by evidence.  A scaffolded compare-contrast scientific writing piece was completed by students, independently, as well.  Finally, students worked in pairs to make a claim and collect evidence to support whether a dolphin is more closely related to a tiger or a shark.  Our results, conclusion  and new learning were all pretty exciting and interesting! 

In writing, authors continue to “stretch out” the liveliness of their stories by writing scenes.  Students are focusing on character development and got tips from RJ Palacio, the author of Wonder, by reading her remarks on her website.  Morning work challenges (DLR - daily language review) included concepts of antonyms, “guide words” and alphabetical order and syllabication.  

In other news: Booster cells are still being awarded for students who follow adult directions the first time!  Coat Drive:  CVU is partnering with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program in a coat drive - please bring in your gently used winter wear and leaving it in the box in the WCS lobby until 11/21/14.  Finally, FYI ¾ Chorus is cancelled for Wednesday, 11/19.

Harlie earned the Bucketfiller Award and John was voted SMART student of the week!  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Harvest Fest and More!

This week, both our reading and science work focused on the concept of compare and contrast.  As part of the GRA, we read Sky Color by Peter Reynolds and students were asked to choose a second Peter Reynolds book to explore similarities and differences with.  We also were inspired to write color poems which have been posted to our kidblogs.  In science this week, students explored nonfiction text features including captions, diagrams, headings and photographs.  Finally, we explored inferences.  Students practiced making and identifying inferences as ideas, which rely on both evidence and background knowledge (schema).  

In math, third graders continued to explore multiplication this week.  They created “multiples strips” which allowed students the opportunity to compare factors and multiples of numbers up to ten.  Third grade mathematicians also participated in several problem strings this week, reinforcing strategies for solving subtraction problems and learning new strategies for solving multiplication problems.  Finally, as the October number corner came to a close, students made final observations about the calendar, including identifying specific quadrilaterals by name. Fourth graders had an abbreviated math week, with the addition of the beginner band introduction!  We have been  using arrays to multiply two-digit numbers.  Number Corner has been the place for identifying multiples of  four and eight and calculating large sums and products.  We have had a Number Corner checkpoint assessment and work in Work Places, which is solidifying our basic multiplicative reasoning.

Our writing lessons this work focused on writing our story ideas using the frame of "Wants...But....So...."  Students were asked to come up with at least three story ideas.  Next week we will work on developing our plot.

Our Harvest Festival and afternoon of enjoying Stone Soup and pumpkin painting was a great success. Thank you to our two room parents, Pamela Nash and Cindy Roy.


  • Fourth Grade Band Sign Up is due
  • Jessica Lamorey and Katie Cuttitta will return on Monday
  • Stephanie Bliss will finish on Monday as a Substitute but will be our class substitute as I will be out.
  • Monday will be an After-School Volleyball Demonstration by CVU - open to 3rd and 4th graders!

    This week's SMART Student of the Week was Wyatt!  This week's Bucketfiller Award goes to Wylie!  Congratulations!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

"Wonder"-ful and Awesome-"Ish" Week!

The kids arrived after a long weekend ready to go!  In reading, we continue to read Wonder and are closely examining character development, voice and perspective. Our Global Read Aloud (GRA) books for the past two weeks were I’m Here and Ish. Students have engaged in rich discussions in class about the author’s message and connections to other texts and have shared their insights via Kidblog. Breaking news this week included personal comments (by famous author Peter Reynolds) on Ms. Ward's student blog posts (Emily was first!!!), and Peter Reynolds’ favoriting and retweet of Ms. Schoolcraft’s “Pictionary-ish” tweet (also connected to GRA). We are loving being connected to the greater literary world!

In math, Third Graders launched unit 2 this week. This unit focuses on various models for multiplication. Students participated in two math forums this week: one involving arrays of stamps and the other examined proportional relationships using units of measure. Students worked in pairs to determine lengths of animals illustrated in a “seascape,” when the length of only one animal was known and the use of rulers and standard measuring tools was off limits! Our number corner work this week revealed a new work place, where hands-on measuring is key! Fourth Graders continue to build multiplicative reasoning as they work with multi-digit multiplication and early division. In Module 1, students use base ten area pieces to investigate place value patterns, as well as model and solve single- and double-digit multiplication problems. In Google Classroom, a Doc with support games for Unit 2 has been shared. They are welcome to use this valuable resource as their fact practice. 

We are well into our science investigation - Variations and Adaptations of Living Things. Students are really enjoying this science and literacy integrated unit, and are observing characteristics of living things that show relatedness and variation. Students are reading nonfiction text, observing animals in photographs, watching videos of animal movement and listening to bird calls to distinguish songbirds from non-songbirds.

In writing we are guiding students into what many fiction writers consider the heart of fiction: character struggle and motivation. We have created believable characters and now we will decide what this person wants or hopes for. In our next writing sessions we will try to balance a combination of hopes and obstacles. 

There will be a book order in the folder on Monday.   If you would like to order some items secretly for the holidays, send an email and I will hide the order when it arrives.  

Thank you all so much for visiting for conferences.   I really enjoy working with you as a team.   It is especially exciting when a child shows eagerness to show off some work!   If there are follow up questions you would like to review without your child present, get in touch so we can arrange a time to meet. 

On Friday, October 31, we will be having a Harvest Celebration.  As part of our celebration, we would like to make a community soup based on the story: Stone Soup.  You can help in two ways:

1.  Please send your child in with an old coffee mug.  We will use these in the garden to drink hot apple cider, and for our soup later in the day.
2.  Please send your child in with 1 cup of vegetables chopped up, and held in a plastic bag.  For example:   carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, peas, mushrooms, garlic, basil...  The soup will simmer in a crock pot until we dine in the afternoon.  
Thanks for the home support as always!

Lindsey got the SMART student of the week, as voted by her peers.  Sally chose Naysan for the Bucket Filler Award!  Congrats to you both!

Friday, October 10, 2014


We officially launched the Global Read Aloud this week!  We, in collaboration with thousands of schools and students around the world, are exploring Peter Reynolds’ amazing books with an author study over the next five weeks.  Our first read was The North Star.  Students made connections to their own lives and to other texts they’ve read about journeys and being an individual.  Students are using their Kidblogs to communicate with a broader audience about their reading...all students wrote at least one blog post responding to the selected text, and wrote at least two high-quality comments to another blogger.  Ask your child how to score a “5” when commenting!  Please go to your child's blog and leave a comment.  Weekly Updates from your child will be blog posts as well.  Please remember that this is an example of authentic writing from your child.  We love seeing how much growth the blog shows over the course of the year! Also,
all of Equinox team is reading Wonder.  Today is Auggie's birthday and we are wearing green to celebrate!  It is also national Choose Kind Day.  If you go to Twitter and search #choosekind, you can find many awesome projects and experiences inspired by Auggie's character today!

In Math, Third graders finished their work in Unit One this week, capping off their hard work with a post assessment.  On Thursday, students were able to review their graded assessments, as well as their pre-assessments, and spent some time reflecting on their learning over the course of the unit.  Students are also exploring properties of polygons and liquid units of volume in Number Corner.

Fourth graders took their Unit One Assessment today.  There is another module featuring measurement that we will begin next week.  Students have access to a Google Document that lists many games that the Bridges math program recommends for skill practice associated with Unit One. Students may use these sites for their math fact minutes as well!

In Word Study this week, students in all groups are working to learn and internalize spelling rules and practice spelling and vocabulary with a variety of dictations.  Students may practice their words at home during the week with whatever modality works best for him or her.

We are LOVING writing!  We are in the early session of our Realistic Fiction unit.  Students are offered a repertoire of strategies for gathering entries that pertain to the genre.  We have learned that we observe the world or reread entries for story ideas.  We can also ask ourselves “What books do I wish existed in the world?” and let this question lead you to invent a character with traits, struggles and actions.

It was wonderful to see so many faces last night at our Equinox Potluck!  Thank you to everyone who came! If you were unable to make the potluck, I posted the video of our beginning of the year photos below...enjoy!  I look forward to seeing you all next week during our parent-teacher conferences.   

SMART Student of the Week is Maria!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Loving Wonder!

Students continue to enjoy our reading of Wonder, and look forward to acknowledging Auggie’s birthday next week, 10/10.  We have done two response to text write-ups considering the perspective of different character's in Wonder. Next week, we will be working in collaboration with Ms. Schoolcrafts’ class to launch the Global Read Aloud with an author study of [the fabulous] Peter Reynolds!  We will use blogging to connect our thinking about reading Peter’s books as a way to connect beyond our classroom and Williston walls!  In Writing Workshop we began our fiction unit of study!  

In math this week, third graders participated in another math forum, and practiced strategies for adding and subtracting two-digit numbers.  Students have been reinforcing their strategies by playing a variety of games during "work places."  In grade 4 math, students have continued to work on multiplicative reasoning.  They have played a number of games that use a variety of multiplication strategies and are continuing to identify prime and composite numbers.  Fourth graders have also worked on distinguishing multiples from factors.  We also took a checkpoint assessment to help identify which concepts they have mastered and which are still unclear.  Each student write a goal for themselves to help focus their studies prior to the unit assessment next week. 

Students had their last day of this rotation for their Exploratory class.  Here are some of their favorite parts of this session!
Students completed their first full week of word study this week.  Ask your child about what rules and patterns s/he is learning about!  Spelling homework is optional.  Students in Ms. Weegar's Word Study group may use an online tool Spelling City.  Update - students in Ms. Schoolcraft’s word study group have a revised 80 minutes per week goal for Lexia.

Other: We have our annual Equinox Potluck Thursday, October 9th!   We hope to see you all there!  (Link to sign-up to bring a side dish/vegetable/salad)

Isabella got the Bucket Filler Award!  Naysan received the "Student of the Week" award as voted on by his peers!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Speedy September

I can't believe we are almost in October.  We have had a great time getting to know one another, learning together, and getting into our school year routines.  

Third grade math really hit an important milestone this week, as content was revisited in number corner, lessons and homework and emphasis was on using tens to count on (off-decade, like 24, 34, 44…). Students learned a new math routine this week as well:  math forum.  This is an opportunity for students to discuss specific strategies that were used to solve a given problem.  In fourth grade, students have been continuing to work with arrays and problem solving involving multiplication using a variety of strategies.  Math games reinforce learned strategies and prompt students to discuss their work with partners.    

We began word study as a house this week.  We have six spelling classes, which results in smaller groupings, and students are assigned to groupings based on their developmental spelling stage.  Students will be working with words in a variety of ways, depending on their groups, and some students have started using Lexia as well.  Students are not required to practice spelling words at home as it will put them over the homework time expectations.  However, you are welcome to do so!  We have a test each Friday. 

Students began decorating their writer’s notebooks this week, and wrote “authority lists,” which contain ideas for writing - writers write about that which they know a lot about.  Ms. Weegar’s authority list includes “singing in front of large crowds” and “helping others”.  Finally, students completed their narrative writing pre-assessment using Google Classroom, which is an app designed to help teachers and students organize, stream and share their work.

As we near the end of the first six weeks of school, we have been learning a lot about expected behaviors in our virtual classrooms - using the Chromebooks.  Students completed five different modules using Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport, exploring topics such as search habits, multi-tasking, crediting authors, safe sharing and awareness of potential cyber dangers.

This Friday is Fun Night at Williston Central School from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Please see the School Bell for more detials.   Also, there has been at least one confirmed case of strep throat in Equinox House, so please keep those hands washed and stay home if you are really not feeling well. 

Harper got the Student of the Week award!  Skyler got the Bucket Filler Award!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tech Saavy Kids

What a full week we have had!  We kicked off our week by celebrating Dot Day September 15th.  We read The Dot, by Peter Reynolds.  The theme of The Dot is "make a mark and see where it takes you".  We went to the computer lab and used Peter Reynolds animation program called "Animationish" to make an animation that showed about something we love.  We also posted them to our first "About Me" blog posts!  To get to our class blogs, click this link.  Feel free to leave comments and ask questions too!

We continue to build stamina with our independent reading time.  We will be launching into strategy instruction beginning next week!  We have started our first chapter-book read-aloud: Wonder, by R.J. Polacio.  The story tackles some challenging and important concepts and is very well done.  The English teacher, Mr. Brown, begins each week with “Mr. Browne’s Precepts,” - guides or rules for morals.  “When given the choice to be right or be kind, choose kind.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer  To learn more about our read aloud, click here.

In Math this week Third graders have been hard at work reviewing concepts of equality, composing and decomposing three-digit numbers, practicing strategies for addition and subtraction problems, and measuring in centimeters.  As part of their multiplication unit, fourth graders have been exploring factors, prime and composite numbers.  They created posters representing all of the different arrays for a given number and constructed their own definitions for math vocabulary.  

All students have been registered for xtramath.  This is their daily fact practice.  It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to do a session.  This will be part of their daily Morning Work when they arrive in the classroom.  If students choose to complete their sessions at home, they may.  When they graduate from xtramath (we have 4 Fourth Grade graduates already!!!) they are able to use Kahn Academy to strengthen their math skills.  Keep an eye out for your child's login information and how to sign-up for email updates in Monday's folder.

Chromebooks Are Here!

Our Chromebooks are here!  Our Chromebooks are here!  Last week, we were able to start logging in to our Chromebooks and began completing lessons online regarding digital citizenship.  We are also using “Typing Club” to practice accuracy with our keyboarding skills. Let me know if you need help logging on from home!  Also, student homework contracts were due this week and we celebrated the “Equinox Equinox” with our very first “Team Time” today.  The students were thrilled!  Our class has been incredibly tech-saavy and helpful to others!  We are using a new platform called Google Classroom to give assignments and turn them in.  Their first assignment was their Weekly Update!   There is a short video below we watched today to  help us understand Google Classroom before we began to use it.

A HUGE thank you to all of the parents who volunteered their time last Friday for our wonderful hike of Mt. Philo.  A great time was had by all!  I have many photos...and will post a video soon!

 Our Star Student of the week is Isabella and our Bucket-Filler Award was given to Harper.  Congratulations! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Building Our Community

Things are going so well for our class.   The focus of Community Building, Learning Expectations, and Setting Goals has been so powerful!   We are all really enjoying becoming a team and a class.  

In Reading Workshop this week we established independent reading expectations, reviewed how to choose “just right” books and discussed how teachers get to know and keep track of how their students are doing as readers.  We started our fall round of literacy assessments and practiced ‘stamina’ for independent reading.

In Math, third graders worked to complete the addition table this week, reviewing strategies for groups of addition facts.  Students made observations and generalizations about odd and even sums.  Number Corner in both grades is brimming with opportunities for recognizing patterns, making connections and new learning.  Fourth graders started a glossary for math vocabulary in individual math books, and are solving problems about school supplies.  They are working on four main models for multiplications and seeing connections with division models. 

Equinox Birthdays:  This year, we are steering away from food celebrations for student birthdays.  We have several new traditions we are beginning this year, including having core classes wear the birthday student’s favorite color on the birthday (or close enough!).  

To help you get more involved, here are some opportunities to mix and mingle with the FUN:

 - Ask about Hopes and Dreams for this school year
 - Read and Comment on the Class Friday Blog Post that Reflects on the Week!
 - Meet the Teachers on Curriculum Night, Thu 11 Sep 6:30 here at WCS.
 - Hike Mount Philo with us on Fri 12 Sep either all day or half day!
 - Volunteer on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:30 to 1:30 with the Grade Four Biking Lessons in Phy Edu!
 - Join some Team Time Fun on Fri 19 Sep as Equinox celebrates the Equinox!
 - Solid Dark Colors work best for Photo Day on Wed 24 Sep.
Thanks for all that you do to support your child’s education!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet Our New Guidance Councilor

We have a new (to Williston) Guidance Councilor this year.  Her name is Shannon Dugger.  She created this fabulous presentation for the school staff to get to know her better.  I thought you may want to get to know her as well!  Shannon will work with your child during their Exploratory Rotation in Guidance.  Also, she runs friendship groups, meets with students to help resolve conflicts, and is available to see students who want to chat.  She is warm, friendly, and open.  Please feel free to contact Shannon at any time!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Welcome Back

Welcome back to a new school year!  It has been wonderful seeing old friends, and getting to know our new batch of third graders!  Everyone seems eager to begin new learning. What a fantastic group! What a fun first three days we have had together! 
We have been doing a lot of reading aloud:  First Day Jitters, Is There Really a Human Race? and How to Fill a Bucket to name a few.  We discussed expectations for our classroom library.  We have so many wonderful book choices!  We also went to visit the Library on Thursday where we were able to check out books for the first time.
Fourth graders in Equinox House have either Ms. Weegar or Ms. Stewart & Ms. Cuttitta for math.  Schoolcraft and Weegar third graders have math with Ms. Schoolcraft.  Fourth graders have been establishing math routines and took the unit 1 pre-assessment on Friday.  Third graders have created “glyphs”.  Do ask!  You should be getting a sheet from both teachers outlining what Unit 1 is all about, so when the homework starts coming, you will have some understanding of what’s going on.
As part of our mission in Equinox house, to “know one another well,” we will be spending a lot of time over the course of the first six weeks building our classroom communities and larger team community. Exercises have included group outdoor games, name games, discussions about classroom and school rules, our S.M.A.R.T. assembly (reviewing schoolwide expectations), a tour of the building and opportunities for guided discovery with classroom materials.  Ask about our Tin Foil challenge, Card Challenge and the test we took on the first day of school!
New, heavy-duty folders will be coming home on Tuesday with team-wide info like permission slips, book orders, and any homework assigned for the week.  It should come back and forth each day, as this same folder will be used for all homework and notes coming back and forth.
Stay tuned for your student writing a weekly reflection on their new Kidblog!  We will begin the first full week of school.  Keep up to date on all classroom happenings by following our class blog!