Monday, October 6, 2014

Loving Wonder!

Students continue to enjoy our reading of Wonder, and look forward to acknowledging Auggie’s birthday next week, 10/10.  We have done two response to text write-ups considering the perspective of different character's in Wonder. Next week, we will be working in collaboration with Ms. Schoolcrafts’ class to launch the Global Read Aloud with an author study of [the fabulous] Peter Reynolds!  We will use blogging to connect our thinking about reading Peter’s books as a way to connect beyond our classroom and Williston walls!  In Writing Workshop we began our fiction unit of study!  

In math this week, third graders participated in another math forum, and practiced strategies for adding and subtracting two-digit numbers.  Students have been reinforcing their strategies by playing a variety of games during "work places."  In grade 4 math, students have continued to work on multiplicative reasoning.  They have played a number of games that use a variety of multiplication strategies and are continuing to identify prime and composite numbers.  Fourth graders have also worked on distinguishing multiples from factors.  We also took a checkpoint assessment to help identify which concepts they have mastered and which are still unclear.  Each student write a goal for themselves to help focus their studies prior to the unit assessment next week. 

Students had their last day of this rotation for their Exploratory class.  Here are some of their favorite parts of this session!
Students completed their first full week of word study this week.  Ask your child about what rules and patterns s/he is learning about!  Spelling homework is optional.  Students in Ms. Weegar's Word Study group may use an online tool Spelling City.  Update - students in Ms. Schoolcraft’s word study group have a revised 80 minutes per week goal for Lexia.

Other: We have our annual Equinox Potluck Thursday, October 9th!   We hope to see you all there!  (Link to sign-up to bring a side dish/vegetable/salad)

Isabella got the Bucket Filler Award!  Naysan received the "Student of the Week" award as voted on by his peers!

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