Friday, October 10, 2014


We officially launched the Global Read Aloud this week!  We, in collaboration with thousands of schools and students around the world, are exploring Peter Reynolds’ amazing books with an author study over the next five weeks.  Our first read was The North Star.  Students made connections to their own lives and to other texts they’ve read about journeys and being an individual.  Students are using their Kidblogs to communicate with a broader audience about their reading...all students wrote at least one blog post responding to the selected text, and wrote at least two high-quality comments to another blogger.  Ask your child how to score a “5” when commenting!  Please go to your child's blog and leave a comment.  Weekly Updates from your child will be blog posts as well.  Please remember that this is an example of authentic writing from your child.  We love seeing how much growth the blog shows over the course of the year! Also,
all of Equinox team is reading Wonder.  Today is Auggie's birthday and we are wearing green to celebrate!  It is also national Choose Kind Day.  If you go to Twitter and search #choosekind, you can find many awesome projects and experiences inspired by Auggie's character today!

In Math, Third graders finished their work in Unit One this week, capping off their hard work with a post assessment.  On Thursday, students were able to review their graded assessments, as well as their pre-assessments, and spent some time reflecting on their learning over the course of the unit.  Students are also exploring properties of polygons and liquid units of volume in Number Corner.

Fourth graders took their Unit One Assessment today.  There is another module featuring measurement that we will begin next week.  Students have access to a Google Document that lists many games that the Bridges math program recommends for skill practice associated with Unit One. Students may use these sites for their math fact minutes as well!

In Word Study this week, students in all groups are working to learn and internalize spelling rules and practice spelling and vocabulary with a variety of dictations.  Students may practice their words at home during the week with whatever modality works best for him or her.

We are LOVING writing!  We are in the early session of our Realistic Fiction unit.  Students are offered a repertoire of strategies for gathering entries that pertain to the genre.  We have learned that we observe the world or reread entries for story ideas.  We can also ask ourselves “What books do I wish existed in the world?” and let this question lead you to invent a character with traits, struggles and actions.

It was wonderful to see so many faces last night at our Equinox Potluck!  Thank you to everyone who came! If you were unable to make the potluck, I posted the video of our beginning of the year photos below...enjoy!  I look forward to seeing you all next week during our parent-teacher conferences.   

SMART Student of the Week is Maria!!!!

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