Sunday, December 7, 2014

Frozen with Excitement!

This week was a busy one! (We always say that, don't we?)
To begin, everyone in Equinox has done such a beautiful job of listening to directions the first time, that we WON a contest that allowed for PaJaMaS in SchOOl All dAy!!!  We also had the very first visit from our school mascot the wildcat named Einstein.  It was exciting having the first visit EVER happen in Equinox.

Jammie Day in Equinox

We continued our science reading with nonfiction texts and strategies including making inferences and supporting claims with evidence, and identifying and using key vocabulary terms, including adaptations, variations, extinct, fossil and paleontologist.  Students practiced their comparison writing strategies and published a scientific piece comparing two animals we researched and their adaptations to avoid being eaten.   In addition, students engaged in a related science inquiry task where they visited each of four stations containing fossil replicas and made observations and inferences about each.  

Einstein our Williston mascot
In math, third graders launched Unit 3:  Multidigit Addition and Subtraction this week.  Our mathematicians completed a pre assessment, spent some time reflecting on the assessment and setting relevant goals for the unit, and reviewed and practiced rounding to the nearest ten and hundred through a variety of activities.  The December calendar focuses on fractions and this month’s number corner work involves creating a classroom collection of objects to accumulate a total mass of 1,000 g.  Fourth grade mathematicians are learning about fractions.  Students are learning about the area model of fractions and exploring lines of symmetry.  Students in Ms. Weegar’s math class had some special 6th grade math students read to them about math.  
Voyager student reading a math story she wrote!
Finally, the December grade 4 calendar is different shapes all with an area of 5 square units and a perimeter of 12.

In writing, authors are working hard to get their realistic fiction drafts typed in Google Drive.  We reviewed the “checklist” that outlines the narrative standards for writing for both third and fourth graders.  Students will use this tool to self-monitor and self-assess as they work to bring their story to a close.  Finally, next week, students will use the collaborative nature of Google Docs to share their writing with a partner, and support each other in revising and editing using the comment feature.

It’s that time of year...please make sure your child comes prepared for outdoor recess each day.  As the temperature drops, it is imperative that all children have appropriate clothing and gear (coat, hat, gloves, snowpants, boots) for outdoor play. 

We are planning on having a Crafter-morning on December 19th.  We would love to have volunteers run a craft, supply wrapping paper, or help at a craft or wrapping station.  Please stay tuned to your email for a sign-up and information letter.

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