Monday, December 15, 2014

Science Science Science!!!

Four Winds
What a wonderful week filled with science we had! Of course we continued with our variations and adaptations unit.  We also extended that unit by looking at inquiry skills.  Students participated in the Hour of Code, learning Computer Science.  Another thing we had this week was Four Winds where our parent volunteers Becky Tharp and Shani Varichionne taught us a lot about conifers.

Our study of variations and adaptations will be coming to a close next week.  Students read the final nonfiction text for the unit, Evidence From The Past, in partnerships this week.  Strategy work continued to emphasize making inferences and using text features to support comprehension.  Students engaged in Computer Science Learning Week by participating in the Hour of Code on Thursday.  Students started by writing simple lines of code to make a character follow a path to more complex tasks where students initiated rules and parameters in a “flappy bird” game. 

Third graders continued their work with addition strategies for working with larger numbers.  After reviewing addition strategies and completing story problems with 3-digit numbers, students participated in a math forum, sharing strategies and discussing their efficiency.  Fourth grade mathematicians are continuing their work with fractions.  Students are exploring equivalent fractions using manipulatives such as the egg carton as a model.  

Although a short week, our realistic fiction stories are nearly published.  All students have shared their work with at least one partner, and have engaged in dialogue (both through a collaborative document and face-to-face discussion).  We also spent time working on more scientific comparison writing, this comparing an eozostrodon  (extinct mammal) to a kangaroo.

Demonstrating Frequency
Hour of Code
Students had a fascinating demonstration by the engineers from “Create it Lab” who are working with Equinox students on an integrated “African Kalimba” project.  Students had their first lesson on sound waves with many engaging demonstrations using speakers and everyday objects to model sound waves.  Students have been working in art class to begin the base of their Kalimbas (finger piano), have drilled holes, and are now learning the engineering behind how they work.  Later, students will work in music class to learn how to play them!

We began working on inquiry skills by asking the experimental question, "Which material (insulator) will allow us to keep our hand in cold water the longest?"  Which variable will we change?  What variable will we measure? It was a lot of fun and interesting to find out how animal adaptations allow them to withstand cold temperatures.
Experimenting with Insulators

Parents of chorus students - be on the lookout for a parent letter/release in Monday folders regarding an upcoming video filming.  Thanks for reminding your child to dress appropriately for 
the weather!   


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