Monday, September 8, 2014

Building Our Community

Things are going so well for our class.   The focus of Community Building, Learning Expectations, and Setting Goals has been so powerful!   We are all really enjoying becoming a team and a class.  

In Reading Workshop this week we established independent reading expectations, reviewed how to choose “just right” books and discussed how teachers get to know and keep track of how their students are doing as readers.  We started our fall round of literacy assessments and practiced ‘stamina’ for independent reading.

In Math, third graders worked to complete the addition table this week, reviewing strategies for groups of addition facts.  Students made observations and generalizations about odd and even sums.  Number Corner in both grades is brimming with opportunities for recognizing patterns, making connections and new learning.  Fourth graders started a glossary for math vocabulary in individual math books, and are solving problems about school supplies.  They are working on four main models for multiplications and seeing connections with division models. 

Equinox Birthdays:  This year, we are steering away from food celebrations for student birthdays.  We have several new traditions we are beginning this year, including having core classes wear the birthday student’s favorite color on the birthday (or close enough!).  

To help you get more involved, here are some opportunities to mix and mingle with the FUN:

 - Ask about Hopes and Dreams for this school year
 - Read and Comment on the Class Friday Blog Post that Reflects on the Week!
 - Meet the Teachers on Curriculum Night, Thu 11 Sep 6:30 here at WCS.
 - Hike Mount Philo with us on Fri 12 Sep either all day or half day!
 - Volunteer on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:30 to 1:30 with the Grade Four Biking Lessons in Phy Edu!
 - Join some Team Time Fun on Fri 19 Sep as Equinox celebrates the Equinox!
 - Solid Dark Colors work best for Photo Day on Wed 24 Sep.
Thanks for all that you do to support your child’s education!

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