Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekly Update

Gr3 Math - Masison:  This week third grade mathematicians explored different ways to look at fractions. Students made their own sets of fractions and compared the size of unit fractions. Ask your child about unit fractions and what the denominator tells us about a fair share. Students expanded this thinking by using pattern blocks to show fractions as parts of a whole. Our February Number Corner is giving us lots of opportunities to seek out patterns and make predictions as we collect fractions of dollars and look at perimeter and area of shapes on a grid.  We will begin to wrap up Unit 4 next week and will have a post-assessment before February break.    

Gr4 Math - Weegar: This week students learned and discussed which strategies worked most efficiently for the different types of addition combinations and why.  Ask your student to introduce you to the four ways: Expanded Form, Friendly Numbers, Give and Take and the Standard Algorithm.  Students completed a brief checkpoint before moving onto subtraction next week.  Our February Number Corner has us talking about angle measurements and the different types of triangles.  Students also have access through Google Classroom to a list of online games to practice these skills.

Gr3 Writing - Stewart:   Grade three writers completed their first opinion pieces this week. They have worked hard to write four paragraph essays that include a thesis statement, reasons and examples.  On Thursday, they shared their writing in small groups.  Each listener gave feedback to the author that was aligned with the Grade 3 Opinion Writing Checklist.  On Friday, students were invited to use everything they have learned so far in writing to do a free write.

Gr4 Writing - Ward:    Grade Four writers solidified their thesis statements with three reasons to support their claims.   After making sure the thesis statement is clear and powerful, each writer dug deeply into her/his head and heart to uncover two to three pieces of evidence for each reason.   Writers are learning to record this evidence as a small moment story, dialog, or through research.   Ask your writer about the three reasons she/he wrote to support her/his claim.

Core Reading :     The Core Reading Idea this week is to Determine Importance!   Readers are using this comprehension strategy to closely read nonfiction about Geotechnical Engineering in reading groups.   

Core Science :   The “Technology in a Bag” introduced students to different technologies.   Initially, when students brainstormed different technologies, they were only thinking about computers.  The real definition of technology is an important understanding for the upcoming science inquiry task involving engineering and soil science.   Ask your young future scientist the definition of technology.   (Something that solves a problem is the gist of the definition.)   

Core Community Building: Hooray!  The class met our goal of achieving at least three sessions of xtramath!  Friday morning we celebrated both the 100th day of school AND meeting our goal with game time!  It was wonderful to enjoy some free time with our friends.

Ask About - Equinox:   Indoor Recess, Inclusive Valentine Cards, Cancer Fund Raiser w Pennies, Chorus Concert & Different Colors, Flocabulary Week in Rap, Minute to Win-It Valentine Day Style Next Friday, Team Time Super Fun, TISSUES - EVERY CLASSROOM NEEDS TISSUES - PLEASE DONATE TODAY!!!   Thank You!!!

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