Friday, February 19, 2016

Theme Week Fun!

3rd Grade Masison/Schoolcraft Math: This week third grade mathematicians prepared for and took a summative assessment for Unit 4 focusing on time, measurement and fractions. For the rest of the week students dived into some work with graphing including interpreting and creating graphs, as well as played Work Place games involving rounding, time, fractions and computational fluency. When we return from break, we will begin work on Unit 5.

4th Grade Weegar Math: This week students completed their subtraction strategies work sample where they focused on which strategies are best to use with which problems. Then, they worked with their partner to use an app called “Explain Everything” to make a video of an addition or subtraction strategy. Students will upload these to their blogs, we will make a math resource page AND they will be used later in the year at Reading Restaurant. Students will continue with Unit 4 after break.

3rd Grade Stewart Writing: Third grade writers have worked hard to finish up their recent opinion pieces throughout the week using all they’ve learned about writing. They have also been working on discerning the difference between concrete and abstract nouns as well as common and proper nouns. Some of this work was done using a collaborative tool called Padlet.

4th Grade Ward Writing: The analogy was hot cocoa that is extra sweet and chocolatey! The goal was to make the mini-small moment evidence writing super concentrated. Students read their pieces closely to determine sentences that were directly connected to the selected reason to support their thesis. It was hard work and everyone worked hard at it! There was also a big amount of time spent researching more about topics to find supportive facts, quotes, or statistics.

Science: In science students practiced being geotechnical engineers themselves. Students took core samples out of model building sites. They also erected model skyscrapers anchored in various depths of the model Earth’s crust. It was fun and messy business.

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