Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine Week at School

Gr3 Math - Schoolcraft/Masison:  This week we explored more about fractions using number lines, pattern blocks and measurements. We learned to compare fractions and think about them as lengths as well as shapes. At the end of the week, we read a story called Jim and the Beanstalk and then created and measured beanstalks and their leaves to ½ and ¼ of an inch. We also took that data and created a line plot to see how our measurements compared with each others’. Next week we will review and take our assessment on Unit 4. Be sure to ask your mathematician about his/her beanstalk!

Gr4 Math - Weegar:   Students discussed as a class which number combinations in multi-digit subtraction problems lend themselves to particular strategies.  We have focused our learning on the removal, differencing, and constant differences strategies.  We also learned the standard algorithm as well as using the inverse operation to check our answer.  Students did a subtraction strategy work sample on Friday and we will use technology next week to create videos of our strategies.  This will be used to “teach” others which helps us learn information in a new way.  

Gr3 Writing - Stewart:    As we continue crafting opinion essays, students have created lists of people they could write about.  They are composing thesis statements and crafting four paragraph essays which include an introduction,  supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.  On Thursday, students took a break from writing about their chosen person to draw about that person.

Gr4 Writing - Ward:   The essayists in grade four are using three different strategies to provide evidence for their thesis statements.   The first strategy was to write a very condensed and focused small moment mini-story.   The next approach involved making a detailed list - almost like poetry or song.   The third strategy, the most challenging, is doing some research.   Students are presently looking into quotes, definitions, and statistics to support their thesis statements.   Some of the research may include an email to YOU!   Please respond with a quote or fact your child can write about next week.   Thanks for your support with this activity!!!   

Science:  Students discussed the field of geotechnical engineering, factors to consider when choosing a sight to build a structure and traced the steps of  the Engineering Design Process.  Working in partnerships they responded to questions in response to the book Suman Crosses the Karnali River.

Upcoming:   Theme Week Next Week . . . related arts will be replaced with workshops the combine students from all three houses!      

Happy Valentine's Day!  We had a great time playing Minute to Win It, Valentine's Day style at the end of the day on Friday.  

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