Sunday, May 22, 2016

Prepare to be Amazed!

Schoolcraft - Grade 3 Math:  Third graders focused on attributes of quadrilaterals this week, and continued their work with area and perimeter.  Students learned two new work places to reinforce area, perimeter and geometry vocabulary in engaging, hands-on activities.

Weegar - Grade 4 Math:  Fourth graders had a week of ASSESSMENTS!  The end-of-year math assessment (CRAM) was administered this week, as well as both sessions of the grade 4 science NECAP.  Students had a guest teacher on Friday, where they were able to enjoy some math work and solidify concepts of fact fluency with Quizmo and Around the World.  Next week we will begin double digit multiplication, division, and solving real world math problems.

Stewart - Grade 3 Writing:  Third grade writers have been polishing up their pieces of writing as best they can for the Learning Restaurant. They have an enormous amount of work from which to choose and editing is really not something they enjoy doing!  We have run into some printing snafu’s as well as other challenges but these writers are looking forward to sharing their work with you all next week!

Ward - Grade 4 Writing:  Bookending the two days of Science NECAP assessments, grade four writers combined the high-level reading skill of synthesis with the careful study of characters.   Details uncovered in reading books were combined with ‘Thinking Prompts’ to grow new ideas via “fast and long writing”.   Next, these new ideas were discussed with partners to uncover one big important idea that can become a thesis statement.   Ask your writer which thesis idea was strongest in her/his reading and writing!

Other:  We can’t wait to see you next Thursday, 5/26 for our Learning Restaurant!  We look forward to serving you our delicious work!  The class is setting the scene, finalizing their pieces and preparing to amaze you!  All students should wear black. 

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