Friday, March 18, 2016

Leprechaun Rockets and More!

Gr3 Math - Schoolcraft:  Third grade mathematicians toiled through division story problems this week and explored the difference between sharing and grouping problems (ask your third grader what the difference is and for an example).  All students also learned about improper fractions and practiced comparing fractional amounts using a number line.

Gr4 Math - Weegar:  Fourth graders began Unit 5 this week, Geometry & Measurement.  They began the week taking a pre-assessment.  Students considered the similarities and differences between different types of angles.  We learned the terms zero angle, acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, and straight angle.  Finally, students used pattern blocks to measure angles of rotation on a clock face and determine the fraction of a complete turn represented by each angle of rotation.

Gr3 Writing - Stewart:   Writing Friendly Letters and addressing envelopes has been a large part of the focus for Third Grade writers this week.  Third graders have also learned about how to write an essay in a particular genre all in one day rather than over several weeks.  

Gr4 Writing - Ward:     It was such an exciting week as fourth grade writers ‘took attendance’ of the paragraphs in their personal opinion essays.   Everyone checked for a powerful introduction, three strong reason/evidence paragraphs, and a final conclusion that includes a suggestion for the reader.   Final versions were printed and self-assessed.   Extra copies were sent home to share with you!

Science / Engineering:   Third and fourth graders tested the impact of compaction on foundation strength by using a model tarpul and two soil samples.  Students worked together to analyze the data using a tiered bar graph, drew conclusions and adjusted their recommendations regarding the tarpul site. Our class also used the Engineering Design Process to create Leprechaun Rockets (to help the leprechauns escape the clever traps).  See our blog for some great photos from our learning this week!

Ask About - Equinox:  Zig Zag day on Wednesday, 7 & 8 Chorus and Band Concert, Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Upcoming - Equinox:  We look forward to parent/teacher/student conferences over the next several weeks! Jump Rope for Heart will be Fri 01 Apr, HeadPhones are needed for SBAC in April, Big Basket Raffle will be Sat 02 Apr - please send in donations for our Basket!!! 


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