Friday, May 8, 2015

SBAC is Underway!

The English Language Arts (ELA) component of the SBAC tests were administered during our reading blocks this week.  Students had the opportunity to utilize learned skills in close reading, comprehension and synthesis of new information, and the writing process to complete a series of challenging tasks.  Both third and fourth grader should be commended for their positive attitudes, perseverance and stamina!

In Math, third graders focused on attributes of quadrilaterals this week.  Students worked collaboratively to create and share “shape posters,” identifying and describing the unique characteristics of squares, rhombuses, rectangles and parallelograms.  Our May number corner “workouts” take area and perimeter to the next level on the calendar grid, and offer a “chance” for students to explore probability by rolling 2 dice five times  each school day, multiplying to find the product, and analyzing odd vs. even products.  Fourth graders are working on unit 6 as well.  Students worked through problem strings involving ratio tables while solving problems about packs of pens and cases of water.  They are using partial products to solve two by two digit multiplication problems.

Students are nearing publication of their informational texts writing pieces. Students have added cover pages, bold key vocabulary words and included glossaries.  They are currently working on "digitizing" their pieces. We will be continuing our research about our peacemakers over the next few weeks, and will be publishing these pieces as well.

Third and fourth grade students completed their first week of SBAC testing Friday.  Thank you
for remembering to have consistent, early bedtimes next week, as well as encouraging your third or fourth
grader to relax and do their very best in the testing sessions. We have one more week of testing sessions, which will all be math.  Please help make sure your child has plenty of water and a protein-rich breakfast and snack(s) especially over the course of next week.

Please note that there is at least one confirmed case of lice in Equinox.  Please check your child’s head regularly and keep long hair pulled back.  Hair product (spray, gel, etc) is also a great ‘repellent.’  Thanks for your attention to detail!     

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